The Rise of Mobile Banking.


Technology plays an ever-expanding role in our daily lives, and banking technology is no different. Our phones are always with us, so it makes sense that mobile banking has become a must-have, rather than just another extra benefit. Talk to millennials, and you'll find that most people in that age range consider having a banking app essential to the banking experience, and older demographics are not far behind.

As every generation becomes more comfortable with the technology, there is still a bit of hesitance among some, based on a perceived lack of security while using banking apps. Fortunately, as long as you follow simple safety procedures-download the app only from your bank's website, avoid transactions using public Wi-Fi, don't open suspicious emails and their links-you can be assured your information is safe. (Please see the Digital Banking section of our FAQs page for more specific information about Popular Direct's mobile security measures.)

Industry experts predict that mobile banking will constitute the majority of transactions in less than a decade. This is an exciting time of speed and convenience for bank customers.