Make the most of Giving Tuesday.


Giving Tuesday is November 28

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why not kick off your end-of-year giving by participating in Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving back, powered by social media. You can give the gift of your time, money, or talent to help organizations and causes you care about.

So how do you decide which causes to support? Think about what issues you are most passionate about, then consider how you may be best able to offer your support. Would a cash donation be your best bet, or do you have extra hours in your schedule you can devote to helping out?

It's important to vet any organization to which you would like to give money. You can get information through personal references as well as public reports about non-profits that are readily available online. Often, though, volunteering and getting a feel for the place and the people is a good way to see if it's one you may want to continue to be involved with.

When giving to charity, be sure to get a receipt or acknowledgement that you can file away for tax season, as you may be eligible for a deduction.1 It's also a good idea to build yearly giving into your budget, and plan for it accordingly. Start off by opening a Popular Direct CD or savings account.2

Happy giving!


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