Keep it Simple.


July 12 is National Simplicity Day

Transitioning from an overscheduled, overstuffed, hectic life to a simpler one can often result in a happiness increase. Consider paring down your lifestyle to eliminate clutter, become more organized, and increase your sense of peace-without making drastic or uncomfortable changes.

Things. Most of us have too much stuff. Aim for getting rid of half your stuff, leaving only those things that you truly love or regularly use. If you must purchase new things, make sure they are high quality and that you enjoy them. The goal is to cut down on time spent replacing low-quality items. Eliminate superfluous paper from your home by banking online and going paperless whenever possible.

Activities. Make the deliberate choice to put your phone down for long periods of time. Our phones are excellent time-wasters. Choose to engage in simpler, more refreshing activities, such as reading or taking in nature. Practice saying "no" more often, and learn to prioritize those things that you want to spend your time doing, rather than doing things because you feel obligated. In addition, recognize that doing nothing-sitting quietly, enjoying a glass of wine, meditating-is a perfectly reasonable activity.

Appreciation. Take time to enjoy your surroundings, friends, and family, rather than focusing on things. Spend time appreciating the beauty found in nature or enjoying the company of loved ones. Choose simple, homemade meals and reacclimate yourself to the taste of natural foods, decreasing your palate's exposure to chemically-flavored meals.

Simplifying your life, including eliminating unnecessary expenses, can help you continue to have a satisfying and comfortable lifestyle once you eventually stop working. In Popular Direct we believe in keeping things simple and transparent. Access to your Popular Direct accounts is easy! Focus on enjoying people and experiences more than things-no extreme changes or deprivation necessary.