Starting Your Own Business? Here’s How to Get the Money You Need.


Starting your own business can be a daunting task. Even if you have the most marketable idea in the world, nothing can be done until you've accumulated enough funds to get your startup actually running. Luckily, there are many ways to get the money you need. Consider these sources:

  1. Friends and family. This is the first place most entrepreneurs look, after their own savings. Take care when accepting money from loved ones, though: Make sure to be clear about how willing you are to have them involved in the business, as well as the level of risk involved. Another factor to consider is whether your friends or relatives are giving you a gift or expect to be paid back. Make sure that all parties involved understand and agree on the terms.
  2. Business loans. Loans can come from banks, private lenders, or government sources. You will need to have a solid business plan and collateral available.
  3. A line of credit. Establishing a line of credit at a bank is a great way to build your business's credit rating and get you through lean times.
  4. Crowdsourcing websites. Crowdsourcing has become quite common, and can be a great way to not only raise money, but to build up a community of potential customers.
  5. Home equity loan. If you have equity above what you owe on your mortgage, and interest rates are low, this can be a sensible choice.

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